RX 570 4GB - Mining Rig

Hi guys,

Pretty new to crypto and mining overall, but I want to start now… After years of looking at the crypto market and now finally when I have some money on the side, I want to invest in an used rig.

I found a guy which is willing to sell me his AMD RX 570 4GB Mining rig containing 6 GPU’s and a Corsair 1000PSU Gold.

Do you think that’s a good way to start in this industry? What could I mine? I read that ETH can’t be mined anymore with GPU’s from 4GBs - maybe I can mine Raven or something?

Looking forward to hearing some tips guys!


Unless it is super-cheap, I would avoid it. Frankly, if it isn’t a great deal, then it’s a little shady for this person to offer to sell it to a new miner. Many of the most profitable projects will not be mineable with this configuration.

Raven (KawPoW) is notoriously power-hungry, so I would confirm if or how long the seller has mined RVN with it. If it spent its whole life on ETH and you switch it to RVN, you might experience some power management surprises, like burning or melting power adapters if it has SATA-to-PCIe adapters.

Assuming $0.10USD/kWh power, you could net just over $2.00/day on RVN right now (this constantly changes).

The price for it is around $700.

He sent me this as an instance of how he mined ETH.

What do you reckon? Is it reliable or sketchy?

The problem is 4G cards are limited in what they can mine. I think you might be better off building your own miner with a few 8G cards. By building your own miner, you will have a better understanding of how it works and having newer cards ensures that you will be able to run them longer.

Thanks for your tip there.

I’m pretty good with hardware and build, but wanted to know if it was worth getting my nose into those 4GB cards, but I reckon I should save a bit more and then invest in good 8GBs or even bigger ones.

Let me try and hit that goal in 2021 :smiley:

This video explains why you shouldn’t be buying 4GB video cards

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