RX 5700XT issues

Ok, so I purchased 6 MSI Mech OC 5700xt cards for a mining rig. I’m still waiting for 5 of them to show up, but I’m having some issues with OC/Undervolting as well as compute mode.

  1. I was playing with adrenaline software and any overclocking or undervolt I do always crashes. I’m getting like 50.6/50.7 mh/s at 200-205w and that’s not where I want the numbers to be. I also do not have the drop down menu to enable compute mode on the gpu. Is there something else I can try for all of the above?
  2. Right now I’m just trying to use Nicehash, only because I’m retarded trying to set up HiveOS. Can compute mode and OC/undervolt be set better/more stable in HiveOS?

The card I have set up now is running Micron memory. Is that a good one?

Thanks for any help, I really want to get my first big miner going ASAP.