RX 580 8gb 30+ MH/s?

I’ve followed all the steps for bios mods and patch, even some overclock and underpowering to some extent. However, still only achieving 26.8 MH/s. Should this be fine to just stay at this level or continue to try and push for that 30+ range?

PowerColor Red Devil RX 580 8GB
Windows 10 Nicehash
Core: 1175 / Mem: 2150 / Voltage: 850

I had 2 saphire nitro+ 8gb cards with the same issue. Could do a rain dance and not get more out of them. Some cards just don’t get there.

I have 2 Normal Pulse 8gb and I’m getting 31mh. It doesn’t make sense, but I guess it’s silicone lottery as Red Panda says

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I just finished the bios mod 10min ago and with my RX 480 8gb (Samsung) I have 29,6 MH/s.

Is it good with this conditions?
Core:1144 to 1180 / Mem: 2080 / 98W / 75 Celsius
Also Win10-Nicehash

have you increased the memory refresh rate (rxboost)? If not that should get you some more MH/s. I think the default is like 5. Try to set it around 30 and see if the cards are stable. I was able to push my samsungs up to 35

If your card running at 75 Celsius i would recommend adding a fan or something to cool it down (air flow). Maybe change the pads if it is an older hard mined card. Because in the long run, i dont think you would like the card running at 75 Celsius.

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Yeah, thanks for the tip! What would be an optimal temperature? Between 60-70?

So I attempted the -rxboost and from what I can see/tell is that I’m getting about same hashrates w/ or w/o the boost. If anything, the temps ran higher on the cards…so I think I can probably chalk this up to just these cards may not reach that 30+ range and be happy with what I am getting.

I attempted 20/30/&35 rxboost. Temps on the cards shot up to 75-80C

Ok, so question. Did you switch your card to compute mode from graphics? That is how i got my final 5Mhz.

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Ye, i would recommend 60-70. Right now mine are around 54, but i got an open frame and the room temp is only 17-18 Celsius. Fan speed at 65%

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This is 100% stable for me :slight_smile:

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