Rx 580 vs gtx 1660 super

So I haven’t mined for a while since 2018 or 2019. With the current state of the market what would be a better budget GPU? I only plan on getting one GPU right now. Rx 580s 8gb is about $80-100 cheaper than 1660 super 6gb. I know the 1660 has gddr6 vs the 580s gddr5. Which would you go for?

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I vote AMD u should look at RX 5700 and maybe wait a few months for next gen to release an d that should lower prices of older models a bit also

have any speculation on when the new AMD cards are coming out? I thought about the 5700 but the price right now is too steep for me. However, I also dont want to pick up a 580 if these are on their way out? I know theyre old now but they seem to still be mining well

They are still doing well if you can get it for the right price.

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Ive been researching and read comments of someone saying “8GB AMD GPUs will also break with the 4GB epoch due to the drivers. They can’t load a file into memory that is larger than 4GB.” is there any trurth to this? My bad for the questions, maybe i should consider a newer card?

I haven’t had any issues with this and I am running 4 RX 5700 MSI Mech OC and 1 RX 5700 XT Asrock Challenger.

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If u can find a 1660 for around the same price as a 580 then I’d do a 1660 mine out performs my 580 8gb but I’ve been recently scooping used 580’s for 50$

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does your 1660 use the same wattage as your 580?

preferably i want a 1660 super but i haven’t found any for a good price. Theyre going for about $220-250 right now and a new 580 is about $180. I say new because I havent seen any used 8gb 580s online for under $120. I think i might just spend more for the 1660, if anything itll be easier to sell i think