Rx5600XT vs 5700 and 5700XT

Soooo, prices for 5700XT’s have become fairly exorbitant as of late. I’ve found some 5600XT’s for what I believe to be a damn affordable price. Anybody got an opinion before I pull the trigger. For the cost of 2 5700XT’s I can buy 3 5600XT’s. Does anyone have experience with the 5600XT’s? If the price is right does it make sense to buy the less powerful but more affordable card? Bits Be Tripping showed in a video that you could get a 5600XT to 43 MH. What y’all think?

i’m doing 5600 XTs. I think they are a tad bit more power efficent as well. ROI considering resale is a tad bit better too IMO

my price point i could get to my door was $260/card after rebate. Where are you finding your deals?