S19 95TH Immersion cooling Fan Control Error

Hello everyone,

I bought a used Antminer S19 95TH/s and it’s extremely noisy. If I knew it beforehand, I wouldn’t have bought it.
For the solution, I have changed the less noisier fans Which are connected externally and I was unable to resolve the error, also the (red light) is continuously on and I haven’t mined anything since last 50 days which is super bad and it’s a complete waste of investment. To dissolve the issue I bought the immersion cooling liquid. Since I am unable to resolve the error I haven’t dipped it into the immersion liquid because it’s under Warranty. I’m assuming. Applying these practices would affect the warranty claim so I am not risking it.

The miner works perfectly well but I don’t want to keep the Stock fans and also it is not recommended for immersion.

I tried to switch the miner to HiveOS for resolving the issue but unfortunately, that does required an SD Card with the firmware on it. I have the SD Card slot though but I wanted to make sure if that is only the solution.

As immersion Coolant dissolve the plastic and rubber material, I received these instructions by the manufacturer of the immersion coolant. Every manufacturer of dielectrical coolant is using the same ingredient (Mineral Oil) and the mineral oil dissolve these things overtime. Not sure of the SD card though. I’m researching this topic since several days and I got a solution in which I need to modify fans in a firmware and put the hard stop if the miner temperature increases 80 Celsius. They haven’t told how to modify the firmware that specifically to get rid of the fan speed errors and saving the miner from burning.

If you guys have any idea please let me know. I’m very new to Asic mining and I completely don’t know how this works. Any help will be much appreciated.
Secondly, I don’t know where to read logs and how to find the error in the log.

Hey mate, just a few things

1: from what you’ve just shared, I’m unsure if there’s an actual error with the miner, or if you’ve got an overheating error from your attempted fix of silencing the miner which might have just caused the miner to overheat from lack of airflow. Take what ever attachments off, run the miner with just the stock fans for an hour and see if it functions correctly.

If it does not function correctly, copy and paste the miner log here

2: to run in immersion you either need firmware with immersion mode or fan simulators. Since you said you don’t have an SD card slot you probably are better off with fan simulators, as well as the 95T models (in my experience) do not run on some firmwares so my opinion would be to keep stock firmware and buy fan simulators. If you’re in the US this is your best bet

Lettuce know how you go. Good luck

With the stock fans I don’t have any errors even its running for 24 hours. That part is already tested. Unfortunately, I live in a tight spot and I cannot spare the separate room for the miner. Although if I can, it’s extremely noisy and I cannot bear the pain :face_with_spiral_eyes: :exploding_head: :nauseated_face:

I have an SD Card slot but at the moment I don’t have SD Card. I can buy from the nearby supermarket easily and hopefully it’s not a problem if every standard SD card works for the miner.

Because I’m new to Asics and overheating is not a problem here. The problem I’m currently having is with the configuration without the stock fans. Since I have removed the stock fans my red light is continuously on and I am unable to mine at all. Since my mining does not start without stock fans my Asic does not heat.

That is why I’m stuck either with the external fans or the immersion because those two would not include the stock fans.

I’m not located in US but I can buy the fan simulator if they offer international shipping. I want this damn thing to work and the fastest option could be getting a new SD card with the immersion firmware.

Let me know your thoughts.

If its not an issue with stock fans then my guess is the fans you are using is not registering with the miner. Thats good news. If you are in Australia I have some fan simulators I can send you. If you get an SD card, make sure you get one between 8-16gb. some firmwares work on 32gb but ive heard some do not. Let me know how you go

Oh mate, just looked at your pictures again. Your fans arent connected to the miner control board which is the problem. Let me take some photos to help you out. If the miner does not register the fans it will not mine

This is what mine looks like with fan simulators. You need to have either the fans plugged in or use fan simulators or immersion mode or it will not mine become it won’t detect the fans.

Considering you can have fans running while not plugging into the control board, I would suggest getting a SD card and installing braiins, and turn on immersion mode while your fans are still running while disconnected from the control board. That way you can see if it’s all running well, and then you should be good to put it in your immersion tank.

I have one of those S19’s and I have a lot of noise in a residential area. So I did the retrofit of the Njord Board with the AC Infinity fan on the GOAT shroud. Here is Rabbid’s version with the Fruit kit version:

I got all my parts from https://miningwholesale.eu/
Pretty sure the GOAT kit is cheaper than the Fruit kit.
With the controller and the fan, it’s much quieter. I can the two I’ve done run anytime with no concerns about the noise for the neghbours.
For @ShredZ - I got the Z15 done as well and it’s great compared to stock - but the controller keeps the fan very high with only 2 fan ports connected.

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The silencer is great and that is the first thing I looked at but I have the problem with the outlet of the hot air because there is no window or anything nearby. Not even close.
That is the reason I have spent a lot of money for getting a dry electrical coolant (Mineral oil). The amount I have paid for 20 liters with shipping is $ $427 which is half the price of the miner.

Thank you for sharing. Indeed my stock fans are not connected to the miner because if I connect them, they will run super fast and blow up my ears. That is why I attach the other more silent fans externally. The external fans does not have the 4th wire which is responsible for controlling the temperature and that is the reason I haven’t cut the stock fan wires and connect them with the external fans with the fan spoofer attached. I had some experience with DC fans with some medical machine showing the missing temperature but I wasn’t sure it’s going to be same with the Asic. The external fan I have with 3 wires, plus, minus and the third for speed control.

Thank you for the offer of fan simulator but I am not in Australia. It will take another 10 days to get the fan simulator so I am going to buy the SD card now.

Another question. I’m currently GPU mining and I have some experience with HiveOS. I can overcome these temperature warnings in HiveOS and put the hard stop limit If the minor goes above 80. The monthly charge is $2 per Asic. It’s not much and I don’t have any problem paying it. Just wanted to make sure if I need the HiveOS or I can achieve everything without it and it’s not recommended when it comes to Asics.

Yes if you install Hiveos on your 95T on the Xilinx 7007 control board (that’s the control board you have) and can disable the fan check then it will get you up and running. Send pics once you’ve set up your immersion tank. Cheers

I got a problem I wanted to share. I got a tank but unfortunately I don’t have any cooling system attached to it. I just put the minor there for testing and in two minutes the temperature was very high and the minor shutdown. I put the limit on the internal temperature 55 degrees, That was just the testing in AC room. Investing into the miner suck up all my money. I took some loan for buying the dielectrical coolant and I do not have any remaining for further setup. Do you have any idea what can i use to cool the oil ? The practical work around I have seen is to attach a pump with the used radiator of any used car. I have only 20 liters oil for immersion cooling liquid and the radiator requires some to fill it with so not sure if it will be enough.

The second option could be the window ac cooling coil. Circulate the oil through it without attaching any compressor and cool the coil with small DC fans. I’m attaching the picture of the cooling coil below.


The coil contains copper pipes inside and outer is silver. Both materials dissipate the heat very quickly. I have no problem running the AC in the room 24/7.

However. If I know what to buy for dry cooling parts for cooling the oil I can import from China. If I exactly know what to buy.

The immersion tank with the dry cooler for 2 Asics is $1680. Honestly, that is not what I have planned for to spend this much money just for removing the noise and cooling the unit. I’ve already paid $480 for the 20 L liquid. The base price was affordable but the shipping and custom were more.

The things will be very easy if I will be successfully able to run the damn thing some how. I am pretty stressed out since past few days and I am doing my best to cope up with the situation :frowning_face:

Mate it sounds like a shit show. In theory I think your coil could work if you had fans blowing on it but you would have to test to find out.

This is my opinion, do what you want to do, but a 95T miner will never recoup the $2100 you’ve spent on the tank and fluid, let alone if you get a dry cooler and having a loan for some of it is not ideal. If I was you I would consider selling the tank and fluids, or sell the 95T miner, wait until you’ve got the funds and buy a dry cooler and by that time other miners like J pro, K pro the value will go down and get roughly the same price. Something like that. I know it’s a tough pill to swallow but if you can’t afford what’s required to run it, by the time you do get to run it, it will be mining less than half of the btc it is today.

Here comes some positive aspects of the situation!

Here I have 18 (+3) kilowatts of free fixed electricity (means I cannot expand further than this limit) and we as whole have 3 Air conditioning unit assuming 8 to 9 kilowatts (Not sure the exact wattage). I am remaining with 8-10 kilowatts dedicated free electricity Which I can utilize for mining? if I will be able to survive through this phase.

There is a saying " The closer you look the less you see" and I’m definitely looking too closely and focused on this thing to work.

It will be great if you would share some of your thoughts to manage this setup successfully.

My ROI will complete with the blink of an eye until I wanted to expand with the paid option to another place. The maximum limit for that is 60 KW/h and the rent is round $2500 and per day electricity cost would be $835 monthly around $25,000.

Thank You!

do not use mineral oil mineral oil will dissolve your electronic components. This is not an area to be cheap in. You need to get a dielectric fluid like bitcool and there’s only certain types of plastics that don’t dissolve in it you need to use different rubber seals. You have to look up what is recommended for the oil.

also, if you’re cooling oil, whatever the BTUs are in water cooling, cut in half for oil

I don’t have the cheaper version of the mineral oil. The one I have, I am attaching the picture below

I ran the miner for 24 hours in ac room with the stock fans attached and my ac temperature is set to 20 and my room is not at all hot and I can easily sleep there if I will be able to cut the noise.

Hello ShredZ,

You might be disappointed of what I said above because I was depressed at that time but that is something standard what I’m trying to apply. I’m attaching a picture below.

He is using the same technique cooling the oil with the radiator but instead of DC fans, he is using the big blower fan.

One more solution could be, instead of using the dielectrical coolant I can use change the stock fans to a quieter one.

My purpose is to achieve the noise cancellation and the heat dissipation would be a plus If I can somehow do it.