S19 control board failure

What causes antminer control board failures? 3 of my s19 j pro 104’s stopped functioning one day a few weeks ago. The miners powered on but I couldn’t ping or locate IP and they were not hashing. I swapped the boards with new ones and they are back to normal. I have 8 immersion cooled s19’s that were running for almost a year straight before this issue occurred seemingly at random.

I also had a bad board in an L7 last year, same thing. Stopped connecting one day and a new board fixed the issue. Luckily that one was under warranty and swapped the board at the repair site after diagnostic.

Just wondering if anyone knows what causes board failures and how common it is? Can control boards be repaired?

The board I’m talking about is the one that the ethernet plugs into.

If the machine is under warranty, you can contact Bitmain after-sales service

Yes, if the control board is damaged it will cause the miners to stop working, so you have to replace it in time. There are various reasons why the control board fails, if you are interested, you can check some common failures and solutions about Antminer here. Antminer troubleshooting and solutions | Zeus Mining
In addition, ZEUS MINING also has repair courses for control board.