S19 error miner won't run

Hey Guys. Heres the error I get on my S19. It ran for a few days but the hash rate slowly declined and once I rebooted it I’ve gotten this error ever since. Any Help is much appreciated!

2023-10-09 16:21:28 STATUS_INITED: soc init done!
2023-10-09 16:21:28 temperature_monitor_thread start…
2023-10-09 16:21:30 start to init…
2023-10-09 16:21:30 i2c_sim_init start
2023-10-09 16:21:30 init gpio477
2023-10-09 16:21:30 init gpio476
2023-10-09 16:21:30 i2c_sim_init end
2023-10-09 16:21:31 power open power_version = 0x76
2023-10-09 16:21:34 power is not Calibrated
2023-10-09 16:21:34 warning:power is not calibration.
2023-10-09 16:21:35 power type version: 0x0076
2023-10-09 16:21:37 disable power watchdog: 0x0000
2023-10-09 16:21:38 Initializing the power, please wait, this may take up to 2 minutes…
2023-10-09 16:22:09 Slept 30 seconds, diff = 1.
2023-10-09 16:22:13 set_voltage_by_steps to 1500.
2023-10-09 16:22:22 start up min temp by 75a = 21
2023-10-09 16:22:25 Chain[0]: find 0 asic, times 0
2023-10-09 16:22:27 Chain[0]: find 0 asic, times 1
2023-10-09 16:22:28 Chain[0]: find 0 asic, times 2
2023-10-09 16:22:28 Chain 0 only find 0 asic, will power off hash board 0
2023-10-09 16:22:30 Chain[1]: find 126 asic, times 0
2023-10-09 16:22:32 Chain[2]: find 126 asic, times 0
2023-10-09 16:22:32 ERROR_SOC_INIT: soc init failed!
2023-10-09 16:22:32 stop_mining: soc init failed!
2023-10-09 16:22:32 uninit_temp_info
2023-10-09 16:22:32 do not read temp anymore…
2023-10-09 16:22:32 cancel thread
2023-10-09 16:22:32 power off hashboard
2023-10-09 16:22:33 temp monitor thread exit
2023-10-09 16:22:36 Version num 65536
2023-10-09 16:22:36 Mask num 0x1fffe000
2023-10-09 16:22:36 opt_multi_version = 65536, interval timeout = 3255132
2023-10-09 16:22:36 freq = 475, percent = 90, hcn = 5518, timeout = 3255132

The error message “ERROR_SOC_INIT: soc init failed!” likely occurs during the initialization process of a System on Chip (SoC) or during driver initialization on your hardware, likely on an ASIC miner such as an Antminer. Here is a summary of information and possible solutions gathered from multiple sources:

  1. Cause and General Fix:
  • The error might arise due to incorrect firmware installation, a mismatched kernel, or a mismatched firmware and model. A possible fix would be to re-flash the firmware, install the SD-image again, or roll back to a previous version of the firmware. Additionally, checking the voltage regulating cord and the power cord, or trying a different power supply might help. It’s also advised not to use an initrd (a RAM disk) but instead use an initramfs, which utilizes an integral capability of the kernel​1​.
  1. Power Supply Issue:
  • There’s a mention that the error might be related to a power supply issue, especially if hash power drops to zero while hashboards seem to be working fine initially​2​.
  1. Specific to Antminer:
  • The error message has been observed in Antminer models like the S19J Pro, where the error appeared after a few days of successful mining​3​.
  1. Chain ASIC Detection:
  • In a related scenario, entries like “Chain x only find 100 asic, will power off hash board x” appeared alongside the error. Although it’s not directly mentioned how this is related to the error, it’s something that occurred in a related context​4​.
  1. Technical Details:
  • There’s a mention of adjusting geometry for rcu_fanout_leaf=32, nr_cpu_ids=2 and modifying aux control register values in a log associated with the error​5​.

The board connected to chain 0 on your control board is finding 0 asic chips. the other 2 boards look to be fine. If you really want to it is possible to only run 2 boards using Luxos firmware, I have done that before with no issues, you only have to install the firmware and it will run the other 2 boards regardless of where they are on the chain. if it is not in warranty and you want to get the board fixed depending on where you live some repair services will let you send only the hashboard. Even though I dont live in the US I sent a board directly to East coast asics with no issues, just make sure you package it securely so it doesnt get damaged. if it is in warranty and you send it back to where you bought it from make sure it has stock firmware not Luxos just to make sure they cant be pricks about it

Edit: I should add that most people will advise against sending a board by itself because the board is much better protected when it is inside the miner itself. I did it because it was like $150 cheaper shipping. Thought I better add that so you have all info.