S19 j Pro Bitcoin Mining - Is PDU Really necessary?

As most of you may be aware, Bitmain doesn’t supply the appropriate cables to connect to their Power supplies on the machines. I’m left wondering what an appropriate setup actually looks like.

Vosk was generous enough to walk through an Electrical setup in a video (linked in this post, skip to 1:34) but I’m still left with some questions.

I read this on a reddit post in r/Bitcoinmining: “The S19j Pro utilizes the APW12 Power Supply. The APW12 Power Supply has two (2) separate IEC 320 C14 power inlets preinstalled. Therefore, you will need two (2) separate IEC 320 C13 power connectors”

Once you acquire these power connectors, do you absolutely need a PDU? I’m not sure what is the use of a PDU?

Finally, say you do get a PDU, seeing as you can’t connect it to a North American Standard 120v outlet, what else will you need to plug in? What kind of connector does the PDU need to have to plug into a 240v outlet?

If there are any expert electricians among you, I’d be curious to know how you set up your electrical equipment to accommodate a miner. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Voskcoin Best Bitcoin Miners video

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Please watch this video. This should give you some insights.

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Thanks! I already viewed this video, and I didn’t find that it answered my question.

Any additional insights would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

You don’t need a pdu for the S19, it does draw a lot of power. A lot of farms use dedicated 240v outlets for these asics. Most miners accept either a C-13 or C-19 end. the other end of the cable will depend on the type of outlet you have installed. In the US it’s common to have a Nema L6-20p (20 amps) or Nema L6-30p (30 amps) for the outlet.
Heres an example of a cable you could plug directly into the wall NEMA 6-15P to IEC C13 Power Cable - SJT - Infinite Cables. or Ecore Locking Power Cord | Nema L6-20P to C13 | ShowMeCables.com.

It’s best to consult with your local electrician first before installing an outlet as they will have the most experience to help you make the right decision. For my farm I installed 2 Nema L6-30p outlets and put pdus into them, so I don’t have a lot of experience in dealing with other types of power hookups. Hope this helps.

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Master electrician here

Pdu is a cleaner expandable setup. However you can run your miner just fine from 2 separate 240v plugs.


Thank you @justin_monti and @Aaron_Raycove, this has been super helpful!

Has helped me, my S19j Pro will be here Thursday and I was just addressing these issues. I am about to have a new 220v panel installed and I am using a PDU but was wondering if I needed it or not.

Technically you don’t need a PDU if you only want to run one miner. But if you want to run multiple miners off one plug I would highly recommend it.

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