S19j Pro 104th For Sale 3/8/22 Price | New from USA | Single or Bulk

Recently got into mining, felt like the worst part about buying is buying from overseas and worrying it never show up or how to deal with taxes. I took the plunge and luckily found a good supplier. My miners have been working for me but realize that’s a barrier to entry.

I now have a warehouse in Texas that can ship right away. Shipping from the US happens right after payment.

Current Price is $10,000 including shipping. If your buying in bulk, we can discuss pricing.

We can discuss private message, text, or phone.

Also now have available 95th and 100th models.

New March Pricing! $10,499.

This includes shipping, duty’s, taxes, etc. Shipping from Texas warehouse. Delivery within a week.

3/8/2022 New Price