S19j Pro Low power mode

I thought I would post my results from the new low power mode firmware for those interested. I tested the new firmware on my 100TH s19j Pro.

Initial hash rate: 101.3TH
Initial wattage: 3025w
W/Th: 29.9

New hash rate: 80.5TH
New wattage: 2266w
W/Th: 28.15

Initially, I would have to say that I only see about a 5% improvement in the overall efficiency. This is much less than Bitmain estimates, but there are a few factors that need to be considered. I am in the middle of the arctic blast and temps are really low. I need to let the miner stabilize and run for a full 24hrs.

I will update this thread when I have more data.


The 24hr hashrate was about 78TH. W/TH improved slightly to 27.9. After 24 hrs I switched back to normal mode. I really don’t see much improvement in efficiency as claimed by Bitmain. Feel free to try it for yourself and post your thoughts/results.

I updated my s19j pro 104 to the new firmware. Everything works fine except there is only Normal and sleep mode available. No low power mode was installed.

If using chrome switch to incognito mode or hold down shift when you refresh to clear the cookies.

I’m using firefox. I tried refreshing many times but still no low power option. Thanks to your genius suggestion, I opened up the miner’s ip in a firefox private window and magically the low power mode option appeared. Thank you

Now to test the 2 modes with a watt meter. The watt meter I used in the past craps out at 2000 watts. I can’t find one that will be able to withstand the 3000+ watts of the S19 in normal mode. Any ideas? I don’t want to buy a pdu with the meter built in because I would have to unplug everything else connected to the pdu to measure the watts of one miner.

Measure each power cord going to the s19 power supply and add them together… each should be roughly half the wattage.

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I was just looking for this answer as the S19 firmware just came out. When I did the S19J Pro it was there, but couldn’t get it to come up on the S19. Thanks.

For my S19J Pro 104
Normal Mode: 105.2 TH
3160 Watts
30 W/TH
Low Power Mode: 77.25 TH
2124 Watts
27.5 W/TH
I only tested the LP mode for 3 hours. The average hashrate was slowly going up. I suspect eventually it would be closer to 78TH eventually.

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I use a 220V PDU that shows AMPs

My S19J Pro units show as follows:
S19J Pro Stock 3068 Watts 104T
Stock S19J Pro LP 2140 Watts 82T

At todays earn per day, and $0.10 electricity, the Stock unit is $0.11 per kWh and the Low power mode is $0.13 per kWh.

This can help you get through until the prices go up a bit more, since per unit (at todays pricing) it will yield $7-$8 extra per month and lowers the overall cost per day to run by over $2.

By the way, using low power mode on a S19 95T can turn it from losing $16 per month to earning $15 per month. May be worth it if you don’t want to just have it turned off.

Hope this helps.

My numbers for S19j Pro 104TH
Low Hash Mode
83.5TH @ 2025 watts 24W/Th

Normal Mode
105TH @ 3160 watts 30W/Th

anyone else running low power mode? what bitmain antminer s19 model and how did your efficiency j/th turn out?

I got:
104.8th @ 3217.5watts 30.70w/th
81.1th @ 2147.76watts 26.48w/th

This was on a clients 104 that was in for repair.

I used 2 Fluke 187 meters and a Fluke i400 clamp meter for what its worth…

I’m no data scientist, but I grabbed a sample of the hashrate at the pools from yesterday to get an average and used my smart plug mesaure for the Wattage.
S19 Pro 82 on F2 Pool - 58.78 @ 1740 is 29.59 W/Th
S19J Pro 96 on F2 Pool - 69.14 @ 1740 is 25.16 W.Th
S19J Pro+ 117 on PegaPool - 86.3 @ 2000 is 23.17 W/Th

Pools are working out to be less than I see if I look at the miner, but it’s the pool rate I’m getting paid on so it’s the one that matters.

It’s very cold here right now. We’ll be on -1 Celsius overnight. I’m tracking KWh for taxes and both of the first 2 used 40KWh less in June than they did in April for the same run time with the same number of days in the month.
I got the 82Th as it was under 3KW and power supply was an issue at the time. Which I had got a bigger one.
I got 3 phase in from the street now so that’s less of a problem. I’m happy to get the most efficent boxes I can afford at the time, and run them in low power mode to get them more efficent. Might be a longer ROI but it’s more coin for the power input.
Also - my peak power rate is eye wateringly high, so I need to have them on smart switches that can turn them off during peak power pricing. The ones I have aren’t really safe over 2600 W. Waiting for some more Shelly 16A smart switches…


From my experience the cooler the miners the less power they consume. I think when I overclocked my S19 it runs 3500 watts when it’s 15 degrees Celsius or less and when it was 20+ it was running 3700 watts (including exhaust fans which is combined 150 watts) just my experience

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Hello fellas, here is my numbers on normal mode and low hashrate mode.
Running 3x S19J-PRO 104T (1x Xinlin ctrl board :grin: , 2xAmlogic :woozy_face: )
Test LH was made during last 4 days
Normal mode :
Avg 105T @ 3190W : 30.38 W/Th

Low hashrate mode :
Avg 81T @ 2227W : 27.49 W/Th

I see here that i win 3 efficiency points. great.
But we need to mention that this is during summer times, so i need more watts dedicated to the fans only to cool down a full powered hashboards, which is not the case in low power mode.

i think that this is great to switch to Low mode in summer times due to temperature , which is not the case when it’s freezin outside :smiley:
hope that helps :smiley:

I’ve been testing a profile from LuxOS on my S19 J pro 104TH which is 11.90 volts/200mhz frequency and I have it running at 930 watts/39.5TH, which is 23.5 watts/TH, I have 2 X exhaust fans which is included in that wall meter read, if I had fans like AC infinity which is much more power efficient it would be running 860 watts which is cool for a lot of people running off solar during off peak times


Hi Shred, you mean that you can actually underclock your S19J Pro 104 with LuxOS to consume 930 watts, while downgrading the hashrate at 39.5THs?

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Hi, yes that is correct, I turned my fans right down, and I dont have stock fans so I am unsure how much power stock fans use so your experience might be different but should be somewhat similar