S19j Pro Low power mode

I thought I would post my results from the new low power mode firmware for those interested. I tested the new firmware on my 100TH s19j Pro.

Initial hash rate: 101.3TH
Initial wattage: 3025w
W/Th: 29.9

New hash rate: 80.5TH
New wattage: 2266w
W/Th: 28.15

Initially, I would have to say that I only see about a 5% improvement in the overall efficiency. This is much less than Bitmain estimates, but there are a few factors that need to be considered. I am in the middle of the arctic blast and temps are really low. I need to let the miner stabilize and run for a full 24hrs.

I will update this thread when I have more data.

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The 24hr hashrate was about 78TH. W/TH improved slightly to 27.9. After 24 hrs I switched back to normal mode. I really don’t see much improvement in efficiency as claimed by Bitmain. Feel free to try it for yourself and post your thoughts/results.

I updated my s19j pro 104 to the new firmware. Everything works fine except there is only Normal and sleep mode available. No low power mode was installed.

If using chrome switch to incognito mode or hold down shift when you refresh to clear the cookies.

I’m using firefox. I tried refreshing many times but still no low power option. Thanks to your genius suggestion, I opened up the miner’s ip in a firefox private window and magically the low power mode option appeared. Thank you

Now to test the 2 modes with a watt meter. The watt meter I used in the past craps out at 2000 watts. I can’t find one that will be able to withstand the 3000+ watts of the S19 in normal mode. Any ideas? I don’t want to buy a pdu with the meter built in because I would have to unplug everything else connected to the pdu to measure the watts of one miner.

Measure each power cord going to the s19 power supply and add them together… each should be roughly half the wattage.

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I was just looking for this answer as the S19 firmware just came out. When I did the S19J Pro it was there, but couldn’t get it to come up on the S19. Thanks.

For my S19J Pro 104
Normal Mode: 105.2 TH
3160 Watts
30 W/TH
Low Power Mode: 77.25 TH
2124 Watts
27.5 W/TH
I only tested the LP mode for 3 hours. The average hashrate was slowly going up. I suspect eventually it would be closer to 78TH eventually.

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