S19s price has hit rock bottom?

I know the S19 is only profitable with sub 0.09 cent electricity, but 800$ is a good deal anyway if you have cheap electricity. Saw it in multiple sites:

Do you guys think S19’s price will keep going down? Efficiency is 0.034j/Gh, can be pushed to 0.03j/Gh w/ undervolting and firmware changes. The S19 XP sits at 0.022j/Gh but costs at least 4 times more.

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$829 is a steal. People were paying close to 10K little over a year ago…

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The 90 th is way outdate for what’s out now you’d want a 95 th with the sd slot on the control board. The 90 is old chips running at 3300 w where 96 runs at 2800

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I think they will keep coming down, Apexto has the 255TH hydro listed at $5500 for the Q3 batch and to buy one now is $7200

Uhh that’s very interesting, didn’t notice that. What I have seen is that ASIC prices keep coming down even though BTC seems to have bottomed. Pic from hashrateindex.com:

Excited to see cheaper ASICs, but feel it’s already a pretty good time to buy

At the end of the day the $1700 difference is profit you’d pull from mining anyway. It will be cheaper to get in later but I’m going to assume difficulty will be higher

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Record difficulty along with increasing electricity rates are also effecting ASIC prices.


Actually hasn’t bottomed, keeps doing down:

Although more profitable asics are pretty flat in price recently