S9 Miner for Purchase

Hi Coolhand,

Is your offer still good for one unit for $500.00? I thinking of getting one and learning it. What are your thoughts? Currently, my electricity cost is $.017 kWh, would it make sense to mine with this unit?



When you say S9, there are several versions and setup of this S9 series.

The S9J 14.5TH is likely the most popular. That control broad can be setup with Braiins and will run at 16 to even 19TH. Now that is on 220V only. Yet another issue of PSU. Some are capable of 110/120V but that creates heat in the power cable, and less hash at the broads. 220V runs slightly cooler cables and makes the most hash at the broads.

My power is .011. Not exactly a good number when you look at the price of BTC today vs the output of the S9J 14.5TH. Barely a break even over 30 days. $200 in BTC and $200 in the electric bill. Learning experience however and at least a break even.