Safest website to buy Cryptocurrency miners?

He calling everyone scam because he is a scammer…

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Sorry that wasnt for u that was for Lilly that been scamming on here all week

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I’ve bought from nhash, dxpool, a few suppliers on Alibaba, and a few manufacturers. My recommendation is try to go manufacturer direct. The markup through third party suppliers is insane. Heck even the markup from the manufacturers themselves is insane, but it is still better than paying an additional premium if you can avoid it. Everyone is quick to adjust prices up when coins rise and nobody wants to adjust them down when coins drop.

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I would like to know if this site is legitimate:

Thanks is the only official website, do not trust any other variant of that site.

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Hello Aaron !!

Thanks, I found your website and had a few questions before placing an order.
I have been searching to find a secure and safe way to purchase.

Second this also. Expensive though.


Do you need a bitcoin mining machine?
Have a nice day~

If you have large demand for miner, I would say Bitmain Official is always your first choice. You know, placing a bulk order with coupons can be a large discount. But if your need is less than 1,000-10,000, go and find a reliable reseller. If you need help, we could talk later.

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find me haha

I’d personally stick to the sites recommended on here by genuine members who have a history with said third parties. So many scammers out there and some on here

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I don’t know who this is, so I recommend against using her.

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this is our website
and my number is +86 18924643212

no any pushing shoping ~

Your spamming don’t trust her. I have bought miners thru bt-miners, endlessmining with hosting, crypto caverns with hosting, and 2 off telegram hardware market verified without any issues.