Safest website to buy Cryptocurrency miners?

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I was wondering if anyone knows what is the best, safest and most reliable website for buying cryptocurrency miners like Goldshell etc from online as a lot of websites online are viewed as scams as what is the best and safest websites to use?

Jordan Gill

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:point_up: Desert Valley Asics is pretty good. I bought a KD-PRO from Martin - no issues at all. There is a typo on his address is 2 Ls not 3. :slight_smile:

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I’ve bought from BT-Miners
KD5, L7, CK5, and two KD-box miners
What I like: I paid with my BlockFi credit card and got Bitcoin.
What I didn’t like, waiting for my L7 for over six months, BUT I have it now.


Thanks for the correction! :sweat_smile:


Now offering a 6 month repair extended warranty on all sales. 30 day return policy.
code VOSKCOIN for 1% off.


Seconded, BT-Miners is normally good


Will try your shop next time!


I bought my most miners from

I’ve mentioned it before several times that they are very good with their communication, fast shipping. They are declaring low value when shipping from China, which means low taxes and delivery takes a week. UK stock delivery takes 2 days. I was amazed when my miner arrived within like 35 hours after purchase.

You can pay with card, PayPal, or by installments which is a good option if you want to jump in to the mining but waiting for funds.


Stop promoting scam site mods really need to kick her

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You just one monkey trying to get an audience …

Yep just everyone to know you are a scammer

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Free Shipping on all orders!! Bulk order discounts. Email for information

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what are you talking about? have you visited the website? my contact info is all over that as well as google. how many scammers do you know provide not only credit card processing but Affirm financing as well? If you have any questions feel free to reach out…

if you have any questions I would be happy to help you.

What part of your research into my business led you to believe it was a scam? I would love the constructive input so I can make improvements.

Checked again, when I clicked contact I just got a form. But it is there at the bottom.

Yeah, I’m really not a big fan of the forms, that’s something my developer implemented.

I got a miner off a random person in Malaysia off of reddit. Still more reliable than JABOC/Steve.