Sandbox AlphaPass- how to sell fast and easy?

Hey y’all! Been looking for a reason to jump in the forum for a bit.
Just won a sandbox alpha pass, sells for 1.3-1.5 eth.
Need to sell quick and easy, my wife is pregnant and dehydrated so I think selling is my best use.

Says I need .02 eth to claim, can I then list ASAP through open sea?
Any advice or ideas appreciated, this is my guilt free risk free ticket into helium mining and more :slight_smile:

What is Sandbox AlphaPass?

Sorry- the sandbox is a game maker, alpha pass is a ticket to their alpha testing.
Holders earn coins and NFTs if requirements are hit, but with my wife in need I will not be doing those.

Looking to sell quickly on open sea, just don’t want to pay eth gas fees that I don’t need to along to way.
From what I understand I pay gas fees to receive it, and then I can have open sea deduct gas fees from the sale of the NFT?