I “purchased” what I thought was a good price for an Ibelink BM-K1 for $2250 from I purchased it after seeing it trending as number one for the past few days on I emailed a few stores asking for their best price, and I got a response from saying I will get it within 8 days if I order now, but hurry because they are running out of their first batch. I went through the checkout process and sent the bitcoin, and I forwarded my Coinbase receipt to their email for the transaction. I got a reply saying that I need to purchase 2 more miners otherwise they won’t ship because it didn’t hit the minimum order requirements. On their site and during the checkout process not once was this mentioned. I replied back I will post bad reviews, and I got a response quickly that they will make an exception and ship this order. Well, still nothing after 9 days and I heard back from sales from a different site (minerexpert) and they said that the is a scam, according to the real official staff. Minerexpert also told me I can purchase the BM-K1 from them for about $200 less than on the official site because they will have a lower cost and it will avoid tariffs.

Well, guess I learned my lesson.

UPDATE: I contacted the real sales and they responded with this article:

I told them to make a banner across their home page so people see it because I never did.


Sorry to hear of your possible loss…This is why I only buy from alibaba sellers who accept credit card payments…way too many scammers out there and if they say you need to buy more then 1 at a time,they are a scam…always triple check where u buying from. I check and keep checking until I find what I’m looking for now,been scammed also. And definitely remember this,if its to good to be true,then its false… This guy is probably same scammer on facebook for innosilicon miners

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You can pretty easily scammed by fake website, but always try hard to find the original website and then proceed. As Ronnie said buy from Alibaba sellers with trade assurance, it reputable guys like Minerseu, coinminingcentral,etc…

The trusted sellers list…


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Thanks MRV, lesson learned!! What’s sad is I’m also on efudd’s equihash discord server (efudd is a firmware programmer who allows for overclocking) and he has a marketplace channel. Someone on there is scamming people too, asking them to download telegram and talk to the escrow person… lol a person I don’t know shouldn’t and can’t be an escrow! Scammers are everywhere.

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