Scam or not.... I have been scammed this past year and dont want it to happen again

Guys, I am new to the forum… Just now actually. I want to make sure that I am not being scammed. It has happened before and I dont want it to happen again. And if it is legit, I apologize to Voskcoin and appreciate you/him and the product he creates.
I have been communicating with a person that I believe to be Vosk, who identified himself as Vosk. Again, I apologize for this but I have been scammed this past year and do not want it to happen again. Does this sound legit? Vosk, if you are on here, do you contact your viewers and send them offers through email correspondence?

Absolutely a scam.

100% a scam.

Yes if he reached out to you randomly then it is a a scam for sure. Run away fast. Also don’t be afraid to ask any of us on vendors. We have a few good people who are legit suppliers and also have a legit person who host as well.

Who tf deleted my comment?


What are these PM’s about? You seem incoherent once again.

Nah I’m not gonna sit and be gas lighted after having my answer about whosever he’s talking not being vosk

hello guys help me i was invited to join drew and other miners at is this legit?

that is a scam, voskcoinminers is a scam impersonating the actual VoskCoin brand.