Scam site, watch out for!

I just signed up to this forum so I can warn everyone. I didn’t catch the scam until it was too late. is a scam. They basically copied the bobcat miner site and changed a few graphics and text to make it look original. Their site uses coinbase commerce for the checkout. I paid in bitcoin so this was an expensive lesson for me. I should have known better to check them out first. I was just excited that they had no waiting for a miner and got FOMO so I didn’t take the time to validate the site. Lesson learned.

Thank you.

As I thought, if someone uses coinbase commerce means they are legit!!!

Besides always check asicminervalue, so far I’ve dealt with 3 of their recommentions coinminingcenteral(vosk’s sponser as well you get a good 3% discount) and cryptominerbros they both came through. Goldshell im still waiting to confirm but everyone says they’re good.

Good luck buddy I’ve lost a decent amount as well.

Just saw this “” it looks like a scam, can someone take a look? I was just just about to purchase from them, but I remember reading is the only true distributor for Helium RAK

Correct that is another scam site, the only Helium miner we recommend buying right now is the Bobcat Miner 300 directly from… Bobcat via our official VoskCoin shortlink that also supports us

hello! I clicked the link in your July 11th reply, i went to the official and also went to your vosk affiliate link at the bottom of your video about it… both show coinbase during checkout. mugglepay is not coming up which is making me suspect. the video was made a few months ago so wondering if they maybe updated their payment type? if you have time, can someone officially pretend to checkout with this and see what it shows you. not trying to drop $2k and be scammed LOL. thank you so much!