Scammed by

dohhhh just realized ive just been scammed ffs cant believe i fell for it woww happens to the best of us
i ussaly check everything i do on the internet

sent $200 to hahhahahahaha

if it is a scam there doin a good job init money gone into account there responsive on chat ??

is it a scam???

I’m sorry that happened to you but yes is a TOTAL SCAM – impersonating VoskCoin and stealing peoples money.

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they have a great concept lol if you could come up with something like that sure you would have loads of backers with an investment scheme like that

Gotta get those TMs registered - the logo and Voskcoin word mark
Happy to chat more if this is of interest - I’m an IP lawyer (primarily patent, but can point you in the right direction re: TM’s if there’s interest)

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Yes it is. My friend lost 1500. Im working on getting it shut down.

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