Scams on NFTs and how to avoid some of them

Hi there everyone! Before we dive into the dip and get some more ETH for that next ”big project” you were told about, think twice, because it might not be like they say it is.
Let me share a brief story.
I have never been very actively in social media, but recently I started surfing a lot more on Instagram and Twitter. However, on Instagram (surprisingly) I started following a bunch of NFT, mining, and crypto trading. Since then, I’ve been getting messages of people inviting one for the next “big project” (they all use those kind of phrase beware). Long story short, I always knew these were scams. But I got curious and told myself I want to see how they get you from up close.
However I joined a discord for them and saw in first hand how they trick people into believing their project will be very important on the metaverse. They would chat for weeks and make people believe they are working on something.
The problem here is that these discords could attract hundreds of users; and besides that, they will chat and “pump” them. Therefore they give their project that sense of FOMO, so the people that have been excited for weeks go on and mint and “nft”. However I say that these scam pre sales could go from 0.1-0.75 eth, which it could be up to $3,000. After minting is done, some founders of these scam projects disappear with all that ETH.

Moral of the story is always read about them, and who and what are they doing.

There should be no FOMO on NFTs IMO; if y’all say web3 is the future, then real value projects should be always showing up, meaning you’ll always have a chance to invest in a legit project in the future.

Save your money today because you might need in tomorrow. IMO we are still too early for these NFTs and projects. Wait until the big corporations start integrating them into their products and services, then, there will be a legit reason to FOMO.

Remember there’s two types of NFTs: those with utility value (look for them) and those with no utility value (stay away from those, unless it’s art that people will appreciate)

Please share if you ever been scammed or someone has attempted to. The more stories we have, the more we can help others.


Richie from Guatemala

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