Scrypt mining with BTC payment

Hi all, she’s anyone recommend a profitable Scrypt mining pool that pays out in BTC?

Well, I’m lazy. The guy that introduced me to mining is/was (L3s turned off) using prohashing so for the time being I am too. Fees are a bit high at 3.99%, but if you do kind of they’re version of kyc then it drops by 1.5%. You can get paid in a ton of different coins. Like; 50% btc. 25% ltc, 25% ada etc… May be worth a look, I don’t know what else is out there.
Also if you send it to say, coinbase, you can swap it (ltc) for free, if memory serves.

Another vote for Prohashing…They are the only pool I’ll use. Referal link: PROHASHING

Yes, I like protesting, but in my experience I make less ltc / day than, let’s say, litecoinpool

Honestly I was wondering about that too, so I went ahead and tried nicehash on my mini doges and it surprisingly works.

Does it? I thought there was some kind of incompatibility. What is the BTC payout threshold in nicehash?

Depends if you are mining into their platform or an external wallet. On NiceHash I believe it is every 4hr with .00001 into their platform with a .0005 minimum to withdraw from their platform however to mine externally I think it is .001 minimum to get paid out otherwise it just builds on their end until you reach that minimum. This is what I recall when I last read their payout schedule.

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Honestly I think it was incompatible before, because I saw a youtuber did it, but I tried myself and with two rigs I was pulling 150-160 each at low power mode. Just add “other” ASIC and you should go from there.

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Thank you guys for your replies. Trying nicehash now. Do you know if it can be used with CK box as well?

I don’t think NiceHash works with either CKB or KDA yet. They show that they support the Eaglesong and Blake2s algorithms, but trying a CKB box and KDA box I had no luck… Maybe others have had luck?

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