Scum identity theft

You guys are some serious criminals. Identity theft and many many more I hope you rot in hell whoever you are cough cough big lie ASICS , earl co, tu Sean Phan, tuner evo. You are all very very screwed

Thankfully there’s an ignore/block facility on here, so I won’t have to see your mass of posts rambling on like a total erratic imbecile.


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@max_gain you are 100% correct. That guy is a troll and offers nothing to this group

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Bang on!

Lmao would you like it if I proved this? Sad you’re so angry and making ignorant assumptions that are 100% wrong. Begs the question; what’s so wrong in ur life that you harbor so much hate toward someone who’s become a victim of identity theft… weird, I can’t relate to being so ignorant while wishing this on someone, but yea I need the mental help… got it

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