Second Mini Doge Problem

For those of you that have multiply gold shell mini doge miners. Did all the ones you get running go smoothly? My second one isn’t showing me the mining chart or hashrate chart. The power light just stays red. Any thoughts? I’ve power cycled several times, did a few factory restarts and tried all of my power supplies even the one from my first one that’s been working fine.

Does it have wifi? If it does find it on your network and connect to it as a hotspot, then use IP to login to miner. At that point I shut off wifi and run wired. It isn’t intuitive really, and there are not good instructions yet.

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I don’t believe the goldshells have WiFi

Many of them do. I have a couple with wifi. It should be obvious, they literally come with a little antenna in the box that you would have had to attach


I have 4 mini-doge miners. 2 are Wi-Fi, 2 are not. All 4 were easy to set up. No problems. I’ve actually bought 7 Goldshell mini miners and all were easy to set up. My KD is also a Wi-Fi model.

Thanks guys. I’ll try to connect to the WiFi with it