"Secret" Coin for GTX1080ti and RTX series

Hey there!
Just want to share a coin with cold algo (the coolest one from cuckoo family) and very good profit - 1.71 usd per 1080ti.
Name is Cortex (CTXC).
You can mine it directly to Binance, Bitforex. SOLO or PPLNS.
We have dedicated US server special for US miners.

Guide is here - https://medium.com/@Woolypooly_com/how-to-mine-cortex-ctxc-f2bbaae2c6

Join guys and happy hashing!

Win10 doesn’t support 8gb cards mining. You can mine Ctxc with 1070, 1070ti or 1080 on Win7 or Linux only.
Gminer shows you hashrate in gps, Cortex network shows hps. hps=gps/42
For example if you have 42 gps on your rig pool shows you 1 hps.