You should sell your GPUs especially if you have a lot of them GPU mining but why is GPU mining really dead because its actually still very profitable and worth it to mine with GPU mining rigs… here’s why! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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GPU mining is incredible and super profitable it is also what got me into cryptocurrency investing BUT I think in the short-term and medium-term that GPU mining is doomed so with the market being super hot for graphics cards and GPUs still being out of stock everywhere its a great time to sell your GPUs and GPU mining rigs and basically hedge your risks with graphics cards bought for mining. This isn’t financial advice and you can do whatever you want to do, this is not the news some people want to hear but with coin prices still high and Ethereum still being mineable this is the conservative approach for an at-home or smaller scale or even medium scale GPU mining farm especially as there are more massive Ethereum GPU mining farms than ever before. & no I don’t think that Ravencoin RVN can save all of the GPU miners and their mining profitability lol T_T

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00:00 Should you get out or into GPU mining?
01:40 GPU Mining is the best source of passive income
02:37 Graphic cards are versatile and profitable
03:37 The BEST GPU for mining 2021
04:53 Last chance to sell your GPUs or Mining Rig ??
06:25 GPU mining profitability 2021
08:26 What happens when Ethereum mining ends?
09:21 GPU prices and demand is CRAZY
10:00 Why are cryptocurrency and Ethereum so valuable?
13:05 Inflation impacting EVERYTHING you buy
14:21 Huge GPU mining farms are dominating the market

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Sell your GPUs because GPU mining is dying