Selling brand new bobcat miner 300 North American version 915

Hi All,

I have listed a bobcat miner on eBay if anyone would like to buy it. The delay in getting all my Nebra miners has put me way behind and I now need to sell my first bobcat because of this. Link below. This is the North American 915 version and is brand new. Just showed up yesterday and I took the pictures and put back in box. Shipping will be fast and coming from Michigan.

Coming up on the last 24hrs of bidding! Buy it today and it ships tomorrow. You could be mining hnt by next week!

Why the scalper pricing? Minimum bid is almost 3x the cost of a new bobcat 300.

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Zero bids

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I actually priced it on the lower end of the bobcat miners that are selling in hand on ebay. If someone wants to buy directly from Bobcat with Crypto and wait the 12-20 weeks more power to you. If you check on the sold listings people are paying $2,000+ for these in hand. Time is money, and this ships next day

Let’s Go! All the action always comes in the last 24hrs, really the last 2 hours of bidding is when things get exciting!

The market speaks. If you decide to put it up for a somewhat reasonable price, let us know.

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