Selling miners Questions

Hi all,
Been a long time since I have been here. Unfortunately i shut my miners down a while ago due to electricity costs.
2x L7’s … one 9500… one 9050

I am wondering what the guidelines are for selling miners on here. Or if it is even allowed.
Also any tips on selling on here to avoid both parties from being scammed or running into issues.

Any info would be great.

Thanks all,

Price, location, any issues with the miners ?

Hi mike,
I was looking for around 6000 for the pair.
0 issues with both
Located East Coast, Maryland

How long have they been running for?

You can sell your miner directly to BT-Miners

I have 7 brand new Canaan 1166 and 1246 miners. Let me know if you have any interest?

1166 = $900
1246 = $1,000

Plus, $50 shipping per miner.


L7 still available?

Have you thought about hosting them, I believe both units are profitable at our rates. If you decide to keep them, let me know. You can email me at

profitable maybe…but $0.095/kwh is brutal

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Our new rate takes affect in Q3-Q4 with our new construction starting at .0850 cents, we will officially announce this very soon. We also offer premier service with that price including repair, cleaning and servicing, 24/7 security, 99% uptime just to name a few.

I was actually considering going with Terrahosting a couple months ago. They had an absolutely great first year rate, but they had a lot of uncertainty after the first year and couldn’t give me a solid rate. I didn’t want to have to pay for the racking fee and then have to spend a ton of money on shipping all the miners to a new site if they decided to jack up the rate after the first year. I ended up going with your recommendation Badger at BSLF and they have been doing an awesome job for the most part. Communication has phenomenal. Rates been as low as I have seen it. Thanks for that man!

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Hey CryptoFreak, we never raised our rates, we’ve only lowered rates. We are on the cusp of another rate decrease. Who did you talk to? There’s another Tera Hosting that is more data center centric not like us where we are a crypto mining hosting company. We operate is 4 states, if you change your mind let us know.

Hey Terrahosting, no I didn’t say you raised the rates. I was looking for quotes through many hosts and I had asked about the rate after the first year. They couldn’t give me an answer so I sent my miners to a different host. I was concerned that the rate would raise after a year, I would have totally gone with you guys if there had been a solid answer instead of an ambiguous one. I appreciate the offer. Just curious, I recently ran into a little hiccup with one of my KS3M’s and Iceriver was requesting a bunch of picture and video verification from my mining site. My mining site was awesome appeased these burdensome requests. I was just curious if other hosts help the miners with Warranty verification or if you just send it back to the customer for them to figure out?

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All love brother, I am glad your hosting provider is working out for you! Yes, we assist clients with RMA support. We have a team that will contact the manufacture with all info and handle it for them. Full concierge service. However cheaper rate hosting companies do not offer some of these services, 99% uptime with no curtailment or servicing.

Wow that’s good stuff!! I had to do the contacting in this case. It would have been nice to not have to worry about it. I’ll consider you for any miners in the future! :slight_smile: or if for some reason it doesn’t work out at my site.

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Anything you need we’re here! Thank you.