Selling my Antminer S19 95TH

Hi All
I am selling my Bitmain Antminer S19 95Th currently located in USA Condition is new Bitmain warranty left over 310 days
Also comes with Shrouds and Power Cables as well
if anyone interested let me know
thank you

I’d be interested in learning more thanks

Sure plz let me know if u have any queries

How much?

I inbox you my asking price
Thank you

How much you selling it for?

I Inbox you my Asking Price
Thank you

Let me know how much. Location?

Please inbox me too.

Please inbox me the price.

Please inbox me your asking price please.

Please inbox me price and location for pick up

Inbox me as well.

What has prompted you to sell?

Hello James the reason i am selling is i don’t have that much space for asic minning for now i will be going for small asic mining machines or small gpu rig

There is one thing also i want it to add in this post i was able to make up a sound box for this machine as well which lower down its Dbs from 77dbs to 55 to 57
i can also provide that with the machine as well and that sound box is portable

How did you build the soundbox? That’s pretty great noise reduction

Price and location please

i used a piece of furniture its a rectangle shaped storage box i removed the sidings from left and right place my miner inside with sound absorber in there and attached inlet and outlet ducts with that attached some pics not a fine work but it does the job pretty good

I’m interested if you haven’t sold it already! I’ll buy it ASAP!