Selling Ravencoin

Okay so I’m at the point where I have enough ravencoin and I would like to sell and convert to USD. How exactly do I do this? Binance.US isnout because they don’t service Texas apparently. I’m currently using a Zelcore wallet like Vosk recommended in his walkthrough. Where can I offload ravencoin to make some cash? Do I convert to Bitcoin? Which exchange do I use if so?

How do I sell this stuff I’ve mined?!? Walkthrough please anyone?

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I just sold all of my Raven on Hotbit and exchanges. Basically signup for each app and deposit into the wallet then trade for either BTC or USDT… There are some exchanges taking Rvn for ETH also. Once converted to BTC, USDT or ETH send it to Coinbase for withdrawal to bank account.

I have yet to withdrawal to my bank account, tend to keep things in BTC. I may be wrong, I think coinbase only allows withdrawing to PayPal

I am using the Atomic Wallet and just exchanged the Raven to BTC with in the wallet. Very easy and the wallet has a ton of coins.

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Missed this the first time, but there’s plenty of places where you can exchange Raven for Bitcoin, then you can sell BTC for cash. There’s a list on their site of exchanges:

Personally, one that I like that isn’t listed is StakeCube. Not sure how much liquidity the RVN market has on there, but they have essentially no KYC or fees to transfer out coins currently. Of the ones listed, I’ve personally used Graviex and it seems to also be a reasonably reliable service.

Anyhow, as people mentioned previously, you sign up for an accout and send your Raven to the exchange. Then, you put it up for sale or sell it at market price for BTC or Eth. Transfer the BTC/Eth to Coinbase or Gemini and sell it for USD, then transfer the USD to a bank account. If you end up going with a particular exchange, they probably have some help documentation on use their service, though most of them are pretty identical.

I mine RVN to Nicehash so I wouldn’t know

Check out this website. It looks like BitTrex is the cheapest place to dump RVN. I always use Coinbase Pro for BTC and ETH. It uses the same login info as regular Coinbase but you don’t get charged fees as long as you put up a limit order that doesn’t get executed instantly.