Sensecap Helium Miner just arrived

My SENSECAP miner just arrived. I am brand new at all of this. I’m excited to learn more about mining Helium. Any feedback or input would be great. I will let you know how it goes.

Just setup according to the HNT app. Write your 12 words down somewhere that cannot be lost forever in the event you need to recover your wallet.

I have 2 Bobcat wallets. Making about $350-$400 a month between the two.

Excellent! Thanks.

how many weeks ago did you order it I ordered mine a little over a month ago I’m wondering what the latest time is.

I actually bought mine on Ebay. Got it within a week.

I ordered the Bobcat on the October order batch and I dont expect to see it until Feb 2022. Wish I could cancel the order but I see many on the DisCord indicate it is a nightmare to cancel an order with BobCat.

I bought 3 off ebay at $1300 each. I dont regret it at all other than I should have only brought 2. I used only 2 since one of my good friends backed out of hosting it. He thinks the gov is listening in on the HNT network… I need to sell the 3rd new in box one, but I want the same I paid which was the $1300.