SenseCAP M1 Miner - Not Syncing

I have had my SenseCAP M1 miner online for 5 days now and it’s still syncing. Any suggestions on how to get it synced?

Fast sync that puppy. Go to and login or make account. Plug in the info it needs for adding a hotspot. Connect to local wifi/lan network and click on IP on right side of diagnoser interface for the miner and then click fast sync. Maybe reboot first before trying that. Look up Modotech on youtube for better explanations. Sensecap M1 makes good money when it’s working…the problem is keeping it working. I have 2. Both have similar problems.

When I get logged into this site it says it’s fully synced but on the helium site it says syncing.

Sensecap site is always closer to being right

Thanks…should I be concerned my Relayed and P2P status are both unkown?

Is it OK if my relayed says unknown?

NAT type: None

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Hi, same here.
I’m sending and receiving beacons. Dashboard says synced. Explorer syncing.

I’ve reset blocoks today and will see it tomorrow.

If u solve this, let me know

Still stuck on syncing according to explorer… Not sure what to do except wait it out. I have not tried resetting blocks.

Hello Tcleg. I’m having exactly the same problem; connected my sensecap two days ago and data like yours also appears to me: relayed unknown, NAT type None, firmware version unknown, wifi data empty, LAN data empty.

Did you solve this? All community members, both telegram and discord, tell me to wait and wait and wait…But it’s very frustrating not knowing what your miner is doing (is stuck? is downloading/installing firmware? should I reboot it? How if i cant see it’s IP addresses??), even if it’s not doing anything, but I want to know! Could you help me please?? Any advice will be very appreciated. Thanks.