Set up my mini Crypto mining farm

With the KD5
two kd-boxes and a
I’ve spent over $50K setting up my little crypto farming operation
My KD5 is the only thing running right now and the first three weeks the machine has mined over $4Grand
I’m estimating that I’ll double my money in the first year, less taxes and electricity.
I watched some youtube videos and became convinced that I needed to jump in, head first and sink or swim
the ASIC miners I got at BT-Miners and I used my BlockFi credit card.

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Please can you show me how to start mining

Someone has already suggested looking through Vosks YouTube vids. You need to educate yourself on all manner of things like that power, heat dissipation, hardware and software. Everyone’s situation is different. You also need to consider how much you wish to invest. This is easily the biggest consideration and will govern what you do.

Many start off with the smaller home miners and learn about wallets, mining pools and possibly exchanges that way. With these you’re not so much restricted by power and heat.

However, if you wish to start mining with kit that draws much more power, you have to have the right infrastructure otherwise you are looking at possible fire hazards.

Seriously watch vids and read up tonnes as this is how we have all started.

Best of luck, but beware it’s highly addictive ha ha ha

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Post some pics if you can

I was wondering what website did you use to buy your ASICS

What type of miner do you want to buy? I recommend ZEUS MINING to you.