Setting up a Neuron wallet with CK5 or CK6

I’m trying to set up a Neuron wallet as my mining pool for my CK6. Can I do that? if so, what is the url address needed when adding a mining pool at the goldshell CK6 page? Or is neuron just a wallet I can send my ckb into for staking etc? Thanks!

Yes, you can do that. I’m doing exactly that with my Ck5. Url address would be your pool address, and you can obtain that from sites such as f2pool, dxpool, and etc. You can also solo mine your CK6 at No account required to start mining solo.

Thank you, so what you are saying, is that I should use f2pool as my mining pool, and then send to Neuron wallet for staking?

yes, that’s right

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Thank you, appreciate it!

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you’re welcome