Setting up a new ck box

Just got my first asic, a goldshell ck box. Totally new to all this, so this question is probably obvious but I just want to make sure. The power supply I got with it has PCI-E connectors that have 8 pin connectors and the box has 6 pin connections. Upon closer inspection, I now see that two of the connectors on one end will detach.

Is that the correct connector to plug into the box?
Thanks, I know this is probably really basic stuff but I just want to make sure I don’t fry this thing.

Correct, the two on the side should slide back and off so that 6 remain, then plug the 6 connector into the miner.

Thank you

In the yotta bc my miners IP doesn’t show up when pushing the button. What should I try? Both the miner and the computer are on the same network. I can find the miner IP with advanced IP scanner, but I guess I dont know what to do with that info. I can’t manually input the IP in yotta that I can tell.