Setting up a new ck5

I’m really kicking myself here. I ran a 20a circuit for this and have been waiting for it to arrive so that I could see what cord end it had. I should have done a little more research and I would have had this stuff ordered already. Looks like it might take a week to get a pdu and a c19 to c20 cord!

Is the pdu necessary? Was thinking I could just cut the chinese cord end off and put on a nema 6-20p.

It looks like most pdus don’t offer surge protection. They are just for distribution. Does anybody run any kind of surge protection for these machines?

I dont really see a reason to not just cut off the cord end and get a compatible one.

IMO, a PDU isn’t necessary. You absolutely can cut the end off and attach a 6-20p plug. This is exactly what I do (except that I run 30A circuits and so use L6-30p plugs).

I’ve said it in other threads but I believe the PDU is very expensive and can’t handle high loads generated by the large modern ASICs (e.g. S19j Pro) as they’re typically limited to 20A or 30A (e.g. Tripp Lite PDUMH30). So if you’re running the larger rigs, maybe you could get 2 on one 220V 30A PDU (e.g. two CK5’s). E.g., if you had two CK5’s, then that’d be 4800W of power use. 4800W / 220V = 21.8A. Divide that by 80% and there’s no material capacity for anything else on that PDU.

Now if you’re running a lot of lower wattage rigs (e.g. a herd of Goldshell Box miners or a bunch of old L3+ rigs), the PDU could come in handy. So they have their purpose.

Also note that these PDUs are not surge protectors unless specified as such.

Thanks, that is good info. I think that I am going to do just that.

Would adding surge protection be worthwhile? Am I going to extend the life of the machine? These pdus are expensive and seems cheaper to just add circuits as I add miners.

Okay, the colors Ive got here are blue, brown and yellow with a green stripe. Which one is the ground?

Anybody know what colors are what on this new ck5?

@clay_hubler Blue and brown are hot. Green/yellow is ground.

surge protection is always good. for any device with circuit boards. Especially miners and PC.

Thank you! Time to fire this baby up!