Setting up a qt wallet for solo mining

Does anyone know how to set up a qt wallet for solo mining directly to the wallet. I have a podminer r606 which is a supped up usb miner using cgminer 4.11.1 from gekkosience . It will be mining to a remote wallet i have the ip addresses and from what i have researched goes on about adding the qt wallet address using --coinbase but that does not work. Also do you set the wallets connection to the ip address or just leave that box unchecked and use the allow in/out connections.

I was mining from the only pool that has this coin on but the pool keeps having issues so i want to switch to mining directly to the qt wallet. Anyone know how this is done for these usb miners and also how to set up for an antminer s7-ln to solo mine to a qt wallet.

Many thanks in advanceā€¦