Setting up for jan1

i plan to get a 10k loan on or before jan 1 and need some guidance from this amazing community…i want to mine bitcoin and looking hopefully for 2 miners for the 10k…very new here any help will be greatly appreciated thanks

What you really are saying is you want 2 miners for $5000 each shipped to your door.

That is fine in getting a reasonable couple of miners in that price range, but remember to think about how much power those are going to create running. Then you need the bandwith at your ISP to handle those.

Its really bad today that not even $10K gets you the latest and better ROI per day. These $12K bitminers were only $8K first of this year. At least at $200 per day mining, that helps in ROI very quickly.

Study this webpage very good.

$5k miners are only bring in $4 to $20 per day. If it was that easy to make $200 per day, everyone would be doing it.

I like you are just starting and I will have $20K in the next few weeks to buy one of those L7 and they only rated at $125 per day

Good luck on your choices.

thank you soo much been looking for that website im going to rethink my loan maybe up it to 30k bc 86k a years sounds fkin awesome

yes, it sounds awesome! but… I wish you the best of luck on getting one in stock to purchase. That seems to be the issue. Not saying you can’t, or never will, just wishing you luck!

I myself would love to mine 86k a year on a 13k rig

well the rig i was looking at was 30-40k but still insain profit

instant gains is always awesome as long as you ROI isn’t too bad. I hope ya get 'er done :slight_smile:

Which miner are you looking at? I don’t see a miner where you can buy for 13K and mine 86K per year…

Here ya go…

Are you looking at an E9? :joy:

possibly… it’s time to setup a new flagship for the fleet.

what asic miner is that. There is no way you can mine that much by only spending 13K…especially if it’s something that hasn’t even been released

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it’s not 13k, it’s more like 30. Earlier it was said 86K from a 13k rig would be sweet… am I wrong?

Those numbers are for the Antminer E9 which isn’t available yet, and even when it becomes available it will be outrageously priced and incredibly hard to get. Good luck!

I assume it will be upwards of $70,000

Yeah, then ETH mining will be dead as soon as you get it :man_shrugging:t2::man_facepalming:t3:

Look at Crowd funded ASIC miners hosted in different places around the world. You can buy shares or whole miners.

The current ASIC being funded is an ant miner S19j. To be hosted in Kentucky, USA.