Setting up s19 pro

Hello guys, I have my s19 up and running. I ran some mining tests on the Antpool miner manager. Hash boards are normal, no errors. tried setting up my s19 on slushpool v1 to officially start mining and get real time rewards but it seems like it isn’t configurated properly. Are there any router ports that I need to enable? The green light is flashing without fault if the machine is on standby. The fault light blinks with the flashing greenon when I try to access a slush pool. (Also had trouble setting antpool mining as well). Thanks in advance

My antminer stopped mining BTC on antpool when the chinese miners were being shut down. It will only show me hashing for mining SHA-256 Smart Pool or BCH.

The miner shows normal hashrate in its own miner status when trying to just mine BTC but Antpool shows invalid miner, or just nothing.

Sorry, i have no advice, just also had a somewhat similar issue.