SHAMINING does it make since?

OK, with Vosk’s recent video on shamining it seems like an awesome easy investment. But anyone with any kind of a brain will be cautious of a scam site. Send off your Bitcoin anonymously and it will double! Awesome! But really it seems quite legit just the site marketing is just poorly designed. They have their team and their emails open to the public. Also a certificate of incorporation. So as a person who has never mined seriously mined before this may be my chance to try hoping BTC stays in this pattern! So if you are interested like me try this link :dog2:

Jude, interested to hear if you actually ended up investing with them. I find their model to be flaky as hell. No indicator how market forces impact payouts and such, other reviews across the net are mixed from loosely unfounded “good service” comments to downright red flags all over the place.

If you have any hands on experience by now, keen to hear it.

well… how did it work?

Comments on this article make me think it’s a scam Shamining Review 2021: Things to Know Before Getting Started