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Hey guys, so thought it would be a good idea to share any 3D printed files you have available for mining. I have this 2 X 4 inch air duct that also covers the PSU of an L7/L1. I have tested this with a hooded vent but not with the 2 X 4 air ducts, it is printing now so I will post results of it tomorrow and update any needed changes. Just an FYI I am not a pro at designing this stuff so cut me some slack lol.

Download link Bitmain L7 2 X 4 inch air ducts covering PSU by ShredZ - Thingiverse

Just checking and it says because I am new it will not be published for 24 hours, so in a days time it will be available for download

If you have anything helpful for 3D pringing mining parts I’d love to see! Cheers


very cool man

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Its currently 35 degrees Celsius here so things are running a bit hot. Here’s a pic of it, which I am going to make another version to fit better and go fully underneath plus extend past the sides of the miner.

Here is the temps before when I was air ducting out straight from the miner

Miner pre PSU duct

And here is after with this cover on

Miner post PSU duct

It’s going to only be 23 degrees tomorrow so it will run a lot cooler and I’ll update on temps and performance again when I print another version to fit better

Anyone else got some cool shit to print!? I’ve seen S9 set up as a portable heater for example!

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This hot wheather has been killing me! One of my s19jpro has refused to run due to the heat.


What material are you using?
Outlet temps are higher than Most Glass transition temps for material. unless your using engineering grade.

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Using PLA mate. Outlet temps are looking better now because the hot weather has gone. I have another design ready to print but am busy printing stuff for my tool box at the moment haha.

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Ok I managed to spend some time to learn to design 3D prints properly and made this. Works well, no air comes from the bottom or sides but a slight breeze comes from the top I think because its not higher than that silver button, and I couldnt make the print any bigger or it would not fit in the printer lol. If its an issue then you can put some sticky foam over top to block it. Feel free to print it yourself here Bitmain L7 2 X 4 inch air ducts covering PSU by ShredZ - Thingiverse


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On flashforge printers with pla, I always get better results using linear supports with a raft. Your PEI will last longer too if you use a raft over the brims you have on your tree supports (It’s easier to peel off a raft on PEI). Also, you would be able to create larger prints if the brim on your tree supports wasn’t so wide. Play with the numbers, you might even create enough space to be able to fix your leak on on the top.


Thanks mate, I cant make it big enough to fix but I put this on my Bluestar L1 which doesnt have that stupid silver button and it does not leak air anywhere at all. I am not concerned with the tiny leak anyway but its just the point that it is 95% good for the L7 not 100%. Cheers

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Dude, this is dope!! Thanks for sharing brotha!


Ok so I designed and printed an 8 inch cover that also covers the PSU for my L7, put in fan spoofers and hooked it up to my 8 inch 730 CFM fan and put a dust filter on it. It is not perfect it needs some slight changes but it is more than functional and I am happy with the results. I am going to print an 8 inch cover for the hot side but until then I will keep running it on low power mode because I am worried the 2 X 4 inch outlets is not enough to let the hot air out. and OMFG it is so much quieter even running fan at full speeds! Highly recommend if your mrs cracks the shits about the noise!

So someone asked me to make a 10 inch shroud for their S19 J pro, which I did and I put it in thingsverse for people to download and print themselves. Someone also asked me to do an 8 inch version. Previously, I had asked someone on this forum a while ago if I could buy their design and print it myself and they said no because people re sell it, which I now most definitely understand is fair enough. I’m not a 3D printing pro and it took a lot of time and effort, So instead I am sharing the 8 inch version that is part of the 10 inch shroud. It is such a monstrosity no one would buy it, but it is perfect for personal use. So feel free to download them here. Note I have not personally printed the 8 inch design with the 8 inch cone attached but should work fine as I have printed the 10 inch one

S19 J pro 10 inch Bitmain S19 J pro 10 inch hot side/cold side shrouds by ShredZ - Thingiverse

S19 J pro 8 inch Bitmain S19 J pro 8 inch hot side/cold side by ShredZ - Thingiverse


Heres a pic of the 10 inch

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Made a 3D printed water plate cover for my L7, should also fit S19 frame but you’d need to measure your water plate nozzles to make sure the holes are in the right spot. The nozzle holes are 12mm

In the picture you might notice the plate is a tiny bit high at the top and a tiny bit too short at the bottom. I cbf printing it again because I want to keep my miner mining, but I adjusted the 3D print model so it should be the right height.L7 water plate cover by ShredZ - Thingiverse

I did not design this, Looks like Altair tech did and I thank them greatly for sharing it. Might give this a print for fun

Merry Xmas everyone. Here’s a stencil for the 126 chip S19 J pro for applying thermal grease. Also have made one for the Iceriver KS3M but need to confirm if it fits on my friends, and will also be making one for the 120 chip, 108 chip and 76 chip models which I will upload. You might not see in the pic but there’s 2 different screw holes to use depending on what row you use

Merry Christmas!! So cool watching your journey on this!

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Cheers mate, much love :heart:

Here’s one for the L7

Apologies to anyone who tried to use the S19 stencil, I forgot to add a chip in it :rofl:

I’ve updated the file correctly on thingiverse

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