Shipping of bobcat miner

Is the shipping time realy 20-28 months or is it just something random, to say it just takes long.
And is it worth it to wait that long?

I’m well past the 28 weeks at this point. I ordered mine at the beginning of September and finally got an email that they are “on their way” … I recieved a tracking code but only the shipping label has been created and that was 10 days ago. So realistically ill be looking at 32 weeks before I see them.

Not trying to throw you off. Just giving you what you should expect. However they did open up a 2nd manufacturing facility that should speed things up.

I would stay on the voskcoin forums and discord for any questions or concerns about the idea. Places like Facebook groups are very toxic.

I also am not in it to get rich. I purchased 2 just to learn more about the project and stack some coins. If I make my roi great, if not I had fun learning.

Best of luck

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Yes the shipping takes forever. I have a brand new one I will be putting up for sale shortly

thanks a lot, this cleared a lot and was really helpful.