Should I be getting Cude versions of GPU miners. Also a miner software question

I have 2 FTW Nvidia 1080ti’s. Should I be getting the Cuda versions of miners? On ClaymoreDual ( I do not know if this miner uses Cuda or what) for ETH I get about 32MH/s per card so about 64 MH/s total. Also for ETH, people have been telling me to swap to Phoenix or T-Rex. I have no idea why but if someone would like to explain why or why not that would be amazing. Thank you in advance to those who contribute to this post!

Claymore is no longer supported or updated, but you can use your config file from there on Phoenixminer. I would highly suggest phoenixminer or anything other than claymore because of the lack of support.


That makes sense. Thank you for clarifying with me. I had no idea they stopped updating it.

Phoenix Miner adjusts the CUDA version according to the drivers you have on your GPU.
1000 series cards should use CUDA version 9.xx
2000 series cards should use CUDA version 10.xx
and 3000 series cards should use CUDA version 11.xx

This is automatic in Phoenix miner. Other miners like T-Rex are not automatic, you must download the correct CUDA version of the software from it’s GITHUB.