Should I start mining right now with ETH going away

Once ETH goes away and you can’t mine it, won’t all profits be cut in half making ROI 2 times longer? I am having doubts on whether or not I should invest 500-600 in a rig right now…

Tough one. I am making my plans under the assumption that we have about a year left. It could be 6 months or 3 years for all I know. The good news is you really only need 6 months or less to break even (depending on the rig) assuming you can sell off the GPUs and power supplies.

When ETH mining does stop, I would expect mining profits to drop to almost nothing until a good portion of the network stops mining. We are going to need some more coins worth $100-200 to have a chance of maintaining current profits. Lots of stuff could happen so I will remain optimistic for now.

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The good thing about GPU mining:

Once ETH mining stops for whatever reason … switch to another S-Coin it’s that easy!

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…and hope that it will be as profitable :sweat_smile:

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