Should you Buy Shiba Inu SHIB Token?

Should you Buy Shiba Inu SHIB Token? I have a Shiba Inu so does that mean I’m putting my life savings into Shiba Inu cryptocurrency to become the next crypto millionaire or is it too late to buy Shiba Inu SHIB?!
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Shiba Inu SHIB token flipped Dogecoin in marketcap but what is the next big token going to be perhaps FLOKI Inu?? We recently review Floki Inu BUT what if it’s not FLOKI what if Shiba Inu is simply top dog?? Shiba Inu SHIB has EXPLODED in marketcap, and to be honest its insane seeing it ranking higher than the long standing meme dog coin doge dogecoin the original meme and dog coin.

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00:00 Should you Buy Shiba Inu SHIB Token?
01:41 What is a Shiba Inu and should you buy one?
03:00 Crypto investor becomes billionaire after buying Shiba Inu SHIB
03:20 Shiba Inu SHIB added to all cryptocurrency exchanges
04:25 Shiba Inu SHIB flips Dogecoin DOGE in marketcap
06:06 ShibaSwap review
10:56 ShibaSwap Audit History
11:21 Eywa cross-chain platform
12:44 Shiboshis Shiba Inu SHIB NFTs on Ethereum
14:00 Classy Strayz NFTs
17:55 Is it too late to buy Shiba Inu SHIB?

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Should you Buy Shiba Inu SHIB Token?