Sia Coin - any passive HODL options

I was putting my SC into a liquidy swap at Binance, but Binance decided to make New Zealand a restricted country this week so liquidity swaps will be removed in about 4 weeks. I guess this is what Binance feels like for the US people.
I like to save or stake mining profits so they are still earning. I prefer not to convert them to anything else as every conversion is taxed. So aside from the 1% OKX are offering, or 0.5% saving rate at Binance, does anyone know of something else to do with SC to make it earn?

CoinEx & Crypto .com both have Siacoin wallets. Not 100% sure, but CoinEx may have ability to earn on idle assets.

Im using to hold my Sia for when it hopefully goes over a $1.00 or $2.00

wishful thinking

Coinex has an AMM option. Add liquidity in SC and USDT and you split the fees. They get half and the other half is distributed to the liquidity providers based on % of the liquidity provided.

I make some good money with the KDA/USDT option.

Thanks. I just signed up to CoinEx today as they have LBRY wallets that seem pretty rare. I’ll take a look at that.