Single HNT hotspot miner?

Hi everyone ! I hope y’all are having a great day !

I was wondering, I started looking into HNT hotspot mining very recently and I know the more hotspot you have inside of the radius the better, but I was wondering if it was still worth it to get only 1 miner and if it was still worth it at this time since the halving is coming and I would not get my miner in the next 3-4 months anyways so yeah was just wondering… Also i’m pretty much the only one who would have a hotspot in my area.

My plan is to get my first hotspot and then later on get a second one somewhere in my neighborhood. Is it a good plan even with the halving ?

Thank y’all !


I was just wondering the same. Will be following this thread. I want to setup a network in my town eventually. There are no hotspots at all in my country. Big opportunity I think…


Somebody has to be first for the network to grow. I would try to have 2 in town. I’m looking at same thing. Looking at a couple single town ones they are doing 3.2-3.5 HNT / month.

The thing is here in Quebec I feel like it’s gonna be hard to sell the idea to people to install it in their home :stuck_out_tongue: Plus, with the halving i’m really wondering if it’s still gonna be worth it since if you buy one now you won’t receive it for another 3-4 months anyways…

I live in Central Coast NSW, there are no miners for 100s of KMs. But my mum and brother live close by, so I could have a network of 3? I would only do this for guaranteed profit, I don’t care about being the first or whatever… I wrote to Helium but they never responded. I’m not interested in being bleeding edge.

Buy two or three if you can but also realize there over 100k on back order and being delivered my tien had none now we are blowing up

Hey everyone… I’m waiting for my Bobcat to arrive… but my issue is there isn’t anyone within 35 miles or so… and I’m up here in the boonies… Snow level area… I’m doubting it’s not gonna do very well. So… could I get a high gain antenna and mount it up high in a tree…? Will that help…? I have a friend that lives (point A to B) about 10 miles from me… but there is a lot of trees and hills in between us…? If he had one… would they have a chance of doing the handshake…?

Thanx in advance…

What are the actual distances between addresses?
Over 300 meters?

Yes, my mum, my brother and I all live in our own homes within about a 7km radius, with the smallest distance between two homes being about 1-2KMs

I guess I’ll reply to my own post. I got it and it’s not seeing anyone. I’m gonna talk to my sista in Sacramento. I’ve check the Explorer map and it’s not used… but does have neighbors… So I’m thinking it’ll be profitable. Wish me luck.

The way I understood it if there isn’t another miner near you then you’ll only get about $8 a month and it will take over 5 years for you to recover your investment. Also it does no good to buy more than one since they need to be at least 300 meters (1,000 feet) or more apart.