Site check so you don't get scammed

Hello, I wanted to know if central coinmining is not a scam and also asic market place and miner bros if there are people who have ordered the ba please tell me


I’ve used Crypto Miner Bros and Asic Market Place. Both are fine. Badgerland Crypto as well

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It worries me that you say Central Coinmining - not Coin Mining Central. Check your URLs as scammers are everywhere.
Use the search for the name of where you are thinking of shopping and ‘scam’. There will be people who have asked the question before and can vouch for places.
I’ve never used either of those so I can’t say. You will find Ann from Apexto in the user list here and I have used them.
I just got one from AK Miners as there is a YT of Vosk with the KS0 that he got there, so I’m fairly sure it will arrive… I’ll didn’t find anyone vouching for them when I searched so I will when I get it.