Slushpool braiins OS Beta for s19 pro

Hello. Can anyone confirm if beta testing for an s19 pro is a good idea? Or Should I wait for the official release?

You might want to speak with him because from what I understand in talking to them a few weeks ago the only way for it to work is to replace the control board with the control board for an S17. I would suggest talking to Mark with
Their new firmware will work on the S19pro and most S19jpro models. The A models and some of the J models have a different control board that they have not managed to break the code on yet. If I remember correctly the ones that have the SD card on the front are OK. The ones that have the micro SD card internally or a problem. You might want to double check that with them though.

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I was not checking it myself since I don’t have S19 but for S17 there was an option to flash it or to run it from SD Card. Try to check if there is Beta which could run from SD card in this case you can test it an flash only if it works.

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I have the s19 with the beta version of braiins, works so flawless, and you’ve got the 0 fee on slush so it’s nice!

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Sounds Good. I am installing the firmware soon through SD. Do you actually have increased energy efficiency like they state? I’m running mine in 40-50 degree ambient temperature with very cold outside of 10-20 degrees.

I have it to 3200w and works well i’ve it on a very cool ambient -5 to 0º Celsius and works arround 50 or so! Keep in mind that the power on the wall is not the same as stated by the software, they need to pach the software in order to acurate the wattage at the wall!