Small rig problems

Hello, I have a small rig thats running windows 10 with 1 MSI 5700 XT GPU. I’m using claymore program and for some reason it will turn off within 5-20 minutes temp is fine power is fine after turns itself off causes blue screen

Would anyone happen to have ideas or know what I’m doing wrong?

Windows using the blue screen to tell you there’s been a hardware fail. Did you set this computer up and go straight into mining? Or was it up and running for days, months, weeks, whatever, before you started mining? Let’s determine if we know for sure the mining is causing the crashes or if there are other issues with the computer aside from mining.

Either way I’d start with the basics of the computer itself, make sure your drivers are all updated and that you’re caught up on win10’s updates. If you do all that, reset the machine, and the problem persists I would try a different miner, to see if that’s the problem.

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Phoenix miner 5.1c works great

Yes I bought the parts set it all up new and started mining. I had another computer doing this just smaller gpu and I bought all new parts to make this computer for a mining rig so I could use the other for personal. The other one never had the problems lile this one does. But every time I start it it runs 14 minutes then crashes.

14 minutes is very specific, like a memory leak which is a software problem. You can’t do much until the specific software is patched. But let’s not assume things.

Did you verify that everything is updated and whatnot? And did you let the computer run without mining to see if it’s the mining software?
We also haven’t talked about if you’re in windows, a mining OS or what

First line of OP…

I tried running Nicehash on my gaming PC with the same gpu and it crashed after a while too. I have no issues with BetterHash, but the hashrate is like 1MH/s off from other mining software with no OC/UV set up(since it’s my gaming computer)

Give BH a try,

it is running windows 10 and the mining program is Claymore. IF we turn the PC on and let it just sit there and not mine it does not power off it works fine. But i am using the same exact mining program on a different rig that has alot more GPUs and it has 0 problems. just confused why this one is giving problems and the other one is not

All I can say is lower the core clock and memory clocks somewhat. Also, if the power level is set too low, the frequencies and voltages surge back and forth which may run for hours before crashing… Turning up the power just a bit (60% - 70%) and lowering those clock can add stability which reducing reboots from your GPU crashing. Not all cards are equal, some need to be pushed a little and others won’t accept the high clocks. Hope that helps and good luck.